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Marsha Freedman

Emotional Intelligence
Stress reduction
Relationship enhancement

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The SET Principle: Don't Let Emotions Drive Your Behavior

Most people don't realize how much of their thoughts, actions and decision-making are fueled by emotions. Often, people blame others or the situation for the negative results they get, and don't think their own actions are responsible.

The SET Principle® educates audiences how the emotional and logical parts of the brain work and offers a simple, effective tool to manage emotions at work, home, on the road, and even to get a better night’s sleep! Results are less stress, improved interpersonal relationships, greater productivity, focus, self-awareness, and self-management.

Marsha's program is ideal for anyone wishing to improve the quality of their lives. She truly wants others to spend more time enjoying life instead of stressing about it!

This program is 75 minutes long with an optional follow-up session of 60 minutes. The follow up can be delivered in person or virtually.

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