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Dr. Yoav Suprun

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Prevention and Self-treatment
Neck, Back, Extremity Pain

(with his book "Aging Without Aching")


Video: "Back in Action"


Programs can be delivered in person or virtually.

"Back in Action"

Back and neck pain costs organizations billions of dollars annually in productivity and workers' compensation claims. Work related and daily living activities, such as computer use, prolonged sitting and even certain gym exercises have been linked to lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain and stiffness.

More importantly, pain is just no fun. Twenty percent of Americans suffer from some form of chronic pain, which studies have shown negatively affects work performance, relationships and general outlook.

Dr. Suprun will explain the actual reason why many suffer from neck and back pain, as well as how to treat and prevent neck and back pain with easy-to-implement strategies. Attendees will understand the secret to great posture and practice how to recognize, treat and prevent common spine pain and injuries at home and work.

"Understanding Back and Neck Pain"

In this talk, Dr. Yoav will discuss how repeated activities of daily living may hurt the neck or the back. Often these mechanical pains can be resolved quickly and efficiently by utilizing the McKenzie Method, which educates patients and teaches them how to “fix themselves,” and, in the process, how to avoid medications, injections and surgery. Seventy-five percent of patients with musculoskeletal pain can resolve their problems themselves! By the end of this talk, you will understand what to do while at work or travelling to keep your spine healthy.

"Golf and the Spine"

With the introduction of a high impact, modern-era swing to the game of golf, the pathology is seen in the lumbar spine of both young, old, professional, and amateur golfers with low back pain are similar to other athletes in contact sports. The audience will learn and practice how to recognize, treat and prevent these common aches and pains in both the lumbar spine and the cervical spine as they relate to Golf. Often these mechanical pains can be resolved quickly and efficiently by utilizing specific exercises. In addition, they will learn the key points of spine care while at work, home or traveling in order to keep their spine healthy and maintain a perfect posture for life.

"Sex and the Spine"

Dr. Yoav explains mechanical back and neck pain and how certain sexual positions might be beneficial while others might be harmful. This talk is perfectly suited for a couples retreat, as it educates the listeners on an important topic that is often not discussed in public. The PowerPoint Dr. Yoav uses is not offensive and the take home points are many.

The audience will receive practical and functional advice on the most important factors associated with back pain, sciatica, hip pain, neck stiffness, shoulder pain, etc., and how to mitigate all those while enjoying a healthy sexual relationship.

"Is Your Workout Making You Worse?"

Core strength? Yoga? Pilates? Zumba? Spinning? Stretching? Not all will fit your need. Some may even make you worse. In this talk, Dr. Yoav will explain common misconceptions in the fitness industry and how to better filter the recommendations given by personal trainers and fitness instructors.

"The Secret to Aging with Perfect Posture"

Do you want to age slouched forward or age gracefully with a perfect posture? Aging with a good posture is a choice that can be easily achieved if you know 2 secrets. In this talk, Dr. Yoav will explain how to achieve and MAINTAIN perfect posture during your day when you work as well as when at home.


Dr. Yoav Suprun is the author of the book "Aging Without Aching" and has been featured in "The Huffington Post," "CBS News," "NBC News," "Shape," "Oxygen" "Redbook Magazine," "Joint Pain Remedies," "Arthritis Pain News," and "Dr. Oz's You Beauty "(


Dr. Yoav's presentation has corrected my posture for life and has possibly saved me from having a hunchback in the future. Everything he had to offer was practical and life-changing. He explained complex medical discoveries in a very easy way.---Traci Cupp

One of the most impactful presentations ever! Chronic aches and pains are mysterious. Dr. Yoav explains where many of them come from and empowers us to self-solve. Fabulous!--- Willie Rosoff

Great content packed with practical information to support our health and well-being that could have a long-term, positive impact on my health.---Carl Arnold

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