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Guy Bavli

Master of the Mind
Corporate Entertainer & Speaker



Dive into "The Power of Hypnosis" with Guy Bavli, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Offering a captivating blend of live demonstrations and enriching discussion, Bavli takes corporate groups on a journey into the heart of hypnosis.

Drawing from his extensive experience, Bavli dispels myths, explores the history, and showcases the diverse types of hypnosis, providing clear insights into how it works. More than just an informative session, Bavli demonstrates how hypnosis can directly enhance personal and professional goals.

Experience the transformative benefits of boosted confidence, increased focus, and improved communication. With Bavli, hypnosis becomes an accessible tool for prosperity and self-growth.


Dive into the "Secrets of the Mind" with Guy Bavli. An enlightening journey into our innate abilities, this program is a perfect fit for corporate audiences seeking a remarkable eye opener experience.

Bavli masterfully explores the untapped powers of our minds through engaging stories and live demonstrations on body language, the power of suggestion, and subliminal communication.

In a riveting presentation about the Sixth Sense, Bavli illuminates how we can explore these extraordinary mental skills to achieve business success and personal growth. Prepare for an unforgettable journey that will inspire your audience to exceed their goals and redefine what's possible.


Experience the "Power of a Smile" with Guy Bavli. Based on his book, Smile for a Change, this enlightening keynote delves into the transformative impact of one of our simplest actions: a smile.

Ideal for corporate audiences, this presentation highlights how a smile can shape first impressions, foster customer relations, and facilitate business collaborations. A smile, potent and infectious, can not only enhance personal growth but also create a trusting and happier atmosphere.

Explore the fascinating history of the smile, its health benefits, and its perceptions. Combined with Bavli’s Interactive Mind Boggling demonstrations, learn how to make your smile an everyday accessory and leverage its power to enrich your professional and personal life. A simple act that can lead to significant change – a smile is more than just a facial expression, it's your key to success.


Step into a Unique Blend of Wonder and Wisdom with a customized program to fit your group!

Guy Bavli masterfully assembles an enthralling mix of profound insights and interactive entrtainment, tailored to align perfectly with your organization's unique needs.

This distinctive program weaves elements from Bavli's extensive range of topics, creating an engaging corporate event that's both informative and entertaining. With "Customized for You," your audience will enjoy a balance of captivating moments and impactful lessons, all while participating in an unforgettable interactive and entertaining experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Guy Bavli
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