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Jo-Aynne Von Born, PCC

Authentic Leadership
Success and Happiness

Keynotes: 20 minutes

Inside Out Leadership

Practice the art of self-leadership for the credibility you need to genuinely impact and inspire others.

Mindset Matters!

Reboot your mindset from survive to thrive for authentic leadership, success and happiness.

Breakout Workshops: 60-90 minutes

Bring Your “A” Game: Authenticity for Success

Uncover and take ownership of your character strengths as unique resources to do your most outstanding work, strengthen relationships and optimize happiness.

Public Speaking Like a Pro: Embrace Your Inner Actor

Transform the fear and anxiety often associated with public speaking with improv and acting techniques that will have you relaxing, laughing and learning simultaneously.

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish - It’s Sane!

Self-care is a significant part of the well-being solution for stress and burnout. Learn to authentically say YES to what revitalizes you, NO to what doesn’t and ADAPT resiliently to what you can’t change.

I can also customize keynotes and workshops to meet your needs.


I offer personalized coaching programs to help leaders, executives and business professionals achieve professional and personal goals. All sessions are 1:1, delivered in person, by phone or virtual.

Jo-Aynne Von Born, PCC
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