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Keith Harmeyer

Innovative Thinking Catalyst
SmartStorming Founder
Certified Silva Method Instructor


You're Only as Good as Your Last Idea:

Unleashing Your Creative Genius to Drive Innovation

Experts say we should “embrace change.” Today, do we even have a choice? Seemingly overnight, chaos and disruption have become the new business-as-usual. Our work, our workplaces, our work teams—our entire lives—have become the very definition of tumultuous change. But while we are all faced with unimaginable challenges today, there are also unprecedented opportunities. Bold, game-changing solutions are what will determine our success moving forward.

Organizations, teams, and individuals unable to provide such ideas, risk slipping into irrelevance. In this eye-opening and highly practical presentation, SmartStorming co-founder, Keith Harmeyer shares important insights and best practices for effective innovative problem solving. Everyone possesses creative genius. The trick is tapping into it whenever and wherever you need it.


SmartStorming® Innovative Problem Solving

SmartStorming Innovative Problem Solving is a powerful, comprehensive, and flexible process for tackling tough business challenges of any kind, quickly and effectively. It provides a proven methodology, skills and tools necessary for consistently generating more innovative solutions whenever they are needed. This eye-opening program is designed to help any individual become the most effective innovative problem-solver possible. (Versions available for team leaders and individual contributors.)

Innovation Alchemy: Problem Solving Secrets of the 

World’s Most Innovative Companies

What do innovation leaders like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Nike know that their competitors don’t? In this powerful program, participants learn 10 proven approaches to innovating virtually any product, service or process. Plus, they get to apply their new skills to a real-world business challenge. (For team leaders and individual contrib


The SuperSkill®: The Secret Weapon of the World’s Most Persuasive People The SuperSkill is a unique, systematic approach to mastering more persuasive, interpersonal communication and presentation skills. Not just another presentation skills program, The SuperSkill is based on the fundamental principles applied every day by the world’s most persuasive communicators. In order to achieve success in any area of business or life, the one thing you absolutely must have is the acceptance, support, or buy-in of others.

The SuperSkill is designed to help anyone achieve success in their business presentations and daily communication. The SuperSkill is a powerful, game-changing skill—and one that is so fundamental.

Keith Harmeyer
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