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Ken Okel

Workplace Performance Pro
Change Management Leader


Accept the Dare

Remember, as kids, when you could turn down a dare? Today, workplace challenges may offer you no choice. You have to respond and you need to be at the top of your game.

Busy leaders often find themselves defined by how they perform under pressure. In this keynote session, you’ll change the way you approach challenges, inspire your team, and create a path out of uncertainty. You will learn:

  1. How top performers maximize their performance on the job.

  2. How clear work instructions saved Ken from spending the night in an airport.

  3. What you should be celebrating during challenging times.

  4. How a custodian can teach you an important lesson about employee engagement.

  5. And what an attacking police dog can teach you about taking risks.

The Challenge of Change

When constant change becomes the norm, you’ve got to adjust your leadership style and business culture to meet the day’s new challenges. Doing nothing is not an option and what worked in the past, isn’t getting the results you want.

This session provides you with a powerful tuneup and will open your mind to new opportunities. Ken will also put on some funny clothes during the talk.

You Will Learn:

  1. How past accomplishments could keep you from enjoying future success.

  2. What a world-class ballerina knows about playing big, even when you are in a supporting role.

  3. How to survive an unexpected, pressure packed moment and how you can grow from it. 

  4. The hard truth about pleasing everyone when you are working in disaster relief.

  5. And you’ll go behind the scenes and learn how smart collaboration allows a ballet company to safely use fake snow.

Master of Ceremonies

As an experienced broadcaster, Ken understands how to engage and energize an audience. From the stage, he can conduct interviews, lead the audience in fun quizzes, and make nervous presenters feel like rock stars. 

This is a customized experience!

Ken Okel
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