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Michael Kublin

PeopleTek Coaching
Motivating and Inspiring Leaders


Leadership is a Process, Not an Event

Many people think they can build leadership skills by attending a workshop or reading a book. While all that is good, true change takes place when your mindset accepts that leadership is a continual learning process.

This keynote provides attendees with a leadership compass and actions they can implement immediately to improve their leadership outcomes and career trajectory.

Keynote or Workshop

12 Steps to Courageous Leadership

Based upon Michael’s book of the same name, this keynote provides leaders with proven actions they can take immediately and them in their workplace. Each leader gets to measure his/her competence in 12 key areas.                                   


The Leadership Journey

This program consists of a group coaching process conducted over 6 months. Meetings take place in cohorts of 8-10 leaders for 2 hours every other week for 12 sessions. 

Outcomes include:

  • Build self-confidence

  • Learn tools to improve communication, reduce conflict, and handle change

  • Improve interactions with all levels of colleagues

In addition:

Mission, vision, goals, and measures are formed, resulting in alignment and implementation in each leader's workplace.

Michael Kublin
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