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Team Members

Fabio Marques

Fabio Marques

#1 Expert on Magna Influence
and Sales Excellence

Inspiring International Speaker with 16,000 hrs. on stage in 20 countries, Fabio Marques is The World's #1 Expert on Magna Influence, motivating and training Sales and Service Teams to achieve extraordinary results!

Serving hundreds of organizations since 1996, he has helped business owners and executives to double, triple, and even 10X their Profits while improving Customer Loyalty & Talent Retention.

Fabio is a Certified Prof. Member of the Nat. Speakers Assoc. & Global Speakers Federation. He is also the Global Host for the United Earth Amazonia Award, created by Marcus Nobel (from the Nobel Prize family). Fabio speaks Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Guy Bavli

Guy Bavli

Master of the Mind
Corporate Entertainer & Speaker

Guy Bavli has been featured in over 500 television shows, performed in 50 countries worldwide and headlined in some of the most prestigious venues around the world, including more than 1200 shows at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Recently Bavli was named a “Super Human” by the History Channel TV show “Stan Lee’s Super Human."

Guy was awarded the prestigious Dunninger Award by the Psychic Entertainers Association. It is a lifetime achievement award and comparable to receiving an "Oscar" in the field of psychic entertainment.

Come join the award-winning Mentalist & Entertainer Guy Bavli - on an evening of Mystery, Humor, and Hidden Powers.

Leave your Logic at the door… and take a walk on the MIND SIDE!

Ken Okel

Ken Okel

Workplace Performance Pro
Change Management Leader

Are you ready to rock your potential? Buckle up! Ken Okel has spent time in pressure-packed industries like broadcast news, hurricane relief, and professional ballet. Yes, you heard that right.

Ken brings insider knowledge, engaging content, and fun to the stage. You’ll learn things like the power question smart TV reporters ask, what a balloon can teach you about workloads, and what a ballerina knows about trust on the job. 

Enjoy smart solutions you can easily remember and apply. All talks are customized to the client, which can include a special shout-out to your sponsors.

Michael Kublin

Michael Kublin

PeopleTek Coaching
Motivating and Inspiring Leaders

Michael W. Kublin is the President of PeopleTek, a leadership coaching and development company specializing in helping leaders, teams, and organizations learn, grow and transform people skills. PeopleTek’s vision is to create worldwide individual, team, and organizational excellence.

Mike received his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida, and an MBA from Nova Southeastern University. He’s the author of 12 Steps For Courageous Leadership, The Leadership Journey I (A Process for Self-Aware Leaders), Leadership Journey II – Moving Beyond The Barriers, Leadership Insights – Tips To Learn, Grow and Transform.

Michael is a Master Certified Coach through the MEECO Institute.

Doug Manuel

Doug Manuel

Experiential Programs for
Collaboration & Engagement
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Doug Manuel is a speaker, performer and facilitator specializing in bringing collaboration to life.

He has performed at TED Global and with Oprah. For nearly 3 decades, he has been delivering interactive virtual and in-person programs for clients such as Harvard Business School, P&G, The World Economic Forum, and LVMH.

An ex-BBC documentary producer, he has spent extensive periods of time pursuing and sharing his passion for African music.

His charity, Lighting Up Lives, encourages partnerships with rural villagers in Senegal inspiring and supporting local action to solve local problems, fostering collaboration, and putting words into action.

Marsha Freedman, M.S.

Marsha Freedman, M.S.

Express Yourself Communications
Own Your Power Public Speaking
Emotional Intelligence

Marsha is “Changing the world, one presentation at a time®“ by offering the cure for boring, one-way, "waste-of-my-time" presentations.

She has helped tens of thousands of professionals and college students conquer their fear of speaking and gain approval for their idea, product, or service by showing them how to "own their power."

She is also the creator of The SET Principle® a neuroscience- based program to manage emotions 24/7, leading to lives that are more peaceful, productive, and profitable.

Marsha has been a member of the National Speakers Association for over 20 years.

Jo-Aynne Von Born, PCC

Jo-Aynne Von Born, PCC

Authentic Leadership
Success and Happiness

Bring a fresh voice to inspire your audience to go beyond the conventional to the exceptional. Jo-Aynne is an ICF-credentialed executive coach, speaker and workshop facilitator. After years of striving
professionally and personally, she discovered authenticity is a simpler and more sustainable way to lead, succeed and be happy.

Jo-Aynne combines twenty-five years of leadership and executive experience in advertising and publishing with her passion for creative expression as a professional actress and well-being as a mindfulness expert. She’s helped hundreds of people excel in travel, healthcare, banking, finance, global yachting, government and non-profit.

Your audience has challenges that get in the way of being their best. Jo-Aynne has authentic solutions that genuinely work.

Gene Petrino

Gene Petrino

Workplace Violence
Active Shooter Prevention

Gene Petrino is a decorated Law Enforcement Officer, former SWAT Commander, and Educator whose dedication to keeping people from harm’s way has earned him the reputation as an ambassador of safety. Over the course of nearly three decades, he has gained in-depth expertise in the areas of tactical command, security threat analysis, and is regarded as one of the top workplace violence and active shooter experts in the industry.

Gene has been featured in Forbes, AARP Magazine, and IHeart Radio. He writes extensively on the topics of Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Prevention for numerous publications including Security Management Magazine.
He holds a B.A. in Criminology, and M.A. in Security Management. 

Dr. Khalilah Ali

Dr. Khalilah Ali

Best-selling author
Speaker, actor, producer
Former wife Muhammed

During her remarkable life, most especially while married to Muhammad Ali, with whom she had four children, Dr. Khalilah Camacho-Ali met and engaged with some of the most creative people of her time.

A witness to history and a public figure in her own right, Khalilah is a humanitarian, spiritual leader, educator, and lecturer. Over the past 40 years, she has traveled the globe speaking on women’s issues and spirituality.

She is now on the speaking circuit talking about her life with Ali and lessons learned, as described in her book Undefeated: The Untold Story of My Forgiveness, Healing, and Reclamation.

Khalilah has a Ph.D. in theology, speaks seven languages, is a pilot, actress, producer, has a black belt in karate, and is the recipient of President Biden’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Keith Harmeyer

Keith Harmeyer

Innovative Thinking Catalyst
SmartStorming Founder
Certified Silva Method Instructor

Keith Harmeyer is all about IDEAS! For 20+ years, Keith was a creative director at New York City advertising agencies, where he generated innovative ideas for many leading brands.

Before advertising, Keith was a professional singer and actor, and appeared in opera and musical theater productions throughout the country. Today Keith spends his time speaking, writing, and consulting on the topics of innovative thinking and creative problem solving.

He is a founding partner at, co-author of the book, SmartStorming: The Game-Changing Process for Generating Bigger, Better Ideas, former president of the Florida Speakers Association, and a Certified Silva Method Instructor.

Jay Kingley

Jay Kingley

How The Best Use Referrals
To Grow Their Business and
Become Remarkably Referable

Jay’s played a lead role for over 35 years in sales, business development, and marketing strategy.  

His expertise lies in fusing psychology and economics to help clients achieve exponential revenue growth. He’s served as a senior partner for two international consulting firms serving C-Suite executives of multinational corporations, been a principal in over a dozen entrepreneurial start-ups, worked with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses to make them remarkably referable, and has served on a number of Boards of Directors.

He has an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Katie Nall, Ph.D

Katie Nall, Ph.D

DISC Personality Styles
Managing Stress in Workplace

Participants attending a keynote, workshop, or training, immediately gain memorable tools to handle the primary disruption of workplace and life: STRESS.

Workplace stress can lead to errors and an increase in absenteeism, costing companies billions of dollars.

Different personalities can either be harming or charming. Learning how to get along and communicate with them can increase productivity, engagement, retention, and trust.

Two-time TEDx speaker, presenting, "Eliminating Math Anxiety" and "Science Isn't Always the Truth."

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